Chip Foose Looking to Build New Duesenberg With Metalcrafters

[UPDATE: It's not a done deal, just a what-if scenario fielded by Mr. Foose in an Automotive News piece] Word from Automotive News is that custom-car impresario Chip Foose could be plotting to revive the Duesenberg name — once synonymous with robber-baron luxury — with SoCal concept-car builder Metalcrafters. The plan… »7/31/07 11:39am7/31/07 11:39am


Shop Tour: Foose Design and Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters

One of the pitfalls of being immersed in the constant barrage of all things automotive is the danger of becoming jaded. Walking the line between facilitating inadvertent product placement and conveying genuine enthusiam about automobiles can be a tricky balance. Just when we think we've seen enough and seriously… »4/27/07 5:00pm4/27/07 5:00pm