I can watch this machine spit out and bend metal tubes forever

There's just something about tube bending machines that I can never get enough of. This video of the Sharpe Nissin CNC tube bender machine is basically hypnotizing me. As the tube pops (poops?) out of the machine, it gets bent and shaped perfectly. » 6/22/14 2:29pm 6/22/14 2:29pm

Thief Fingered By Canadian Car Forum Still Needs One More

Take note: You do not mess with the motorheads at Beyond.ca unless you want 46,000 righteously angry, resourceful, and tech-savvy Canadians on the lookout for you. This is especially true if you're an easily recognizable eight-fingered stoner who's too stupid to stash one of the more visible and distinctive cars in… » 4/04/08 1:14am 4/04/08 1:14am

Cars of the Future to Run on Metal

Sorry, 1980s metal band Savatage, a researcher in Tennessee is talking about real metal to power cars of the future. (And let's face it, as far as nature's elements go, you guys are just false metal.) Metallic powder, created from chunks of iron, aluminium or boron, the researcher says, can be used for fuel. That's… » 11/16/05 9:26am 11/16/05 9:26am