Brabus Vanish: 800 HP Matte-Black Gold

Start with an already-tuned-by-AMG SL65 Black Series, fit it with larger turbos, huge brakes, a new transmission, then wrap it in black vinyl and put some weird plastic on the hood. Voila, the Brabus Vanish — an 800 HP SL. » 4/13/10 11:00am 4/13/10 11:00am

Alexander Ovechkin's Slightly More Creative License Plate

When we posted a picture of the license plate on Alexander Ovechkin's Mercedes Sedan it didn't take long for everyone to remind us of the boastful vanity plate on his other super Mercedes. » 1/29/10 2:00pm 1/29/10 2:00pm

Crazy Alexander Ovechkin Has Crazy Literal License Plate

It's no secret mad Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin has a taste for speed and insane cars like the Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series and this Brabus-tuned S-Class. His taste in vanity plates? Not quite so creative. (H/T to Josh!) » 1/27/10 12:20pm 1/27/10 12:20pm