Range Rover Sport SVR Vs Mercedes G-Wagen AMG: The Next Extreme Rivalry

The superfast SUV segment is like a Marvel movie. So extreme that everything’s a caricature, making it great and stupid and wicked entertaining. That makes the Mercedes G63 AMG the ultimate supervillan, and the 2016 Range Rover Sport SVR is speeding toward it in an Iron Man suit.
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What Would You Buy Instead Of A Mercedes G63 AMG?

Our Truck Yeah! man Andrew drove the $136,625 Mercedes G63 AMG, he was less than thrilled with it. Anytime an automaker charges over 100 grand for an SUV, it better be amazing. I'm really more of a wagon guy, but if I were going to spend that kind of dough on a luxury truck, I say the only choice is Cayenne Turbo. »8/14/14 6:37pm8/14/14 6:37pm