2009 Mercedes Benz G-Class Gets More Power, Still Delightfully Ugly

The Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is a safari car everyone can love, despite its recent usurpation by fashionistas and the affluent douchebag class. For 2009 the Galendenwagen gets the three bar grille spreading like a virus from Ford to Mercedes, and new wheels, but more importantly a much more powerful engine. For '09, the… »5/22/08 5:30pm5/22/08 5:30pm

SLR Powered Mercedes G-Wagon Raises Bar for Assinine SUVs

This might be the point where the Mercedes G-Wagon goes from unfortunately usurped capable SUV in the hands of annoying yuppies, to a PUV — a pointless utility vehicle. Pistonheads has dug up a G-Wagon which makes us weep for the future of humanity. The square box beast is equipped with the guts of a 720 hp Mercedes… »2/29/08 9:40am2/29/08 9:40am