Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake: Yes, They're Really Building It

The JIMP-worthy Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake concept's going into production for sale in 2012. If someone at Daimler's screwing with us, we'll have Dieter Zetsche's head on a platter. Hear that Dr. Z? Decapitation. » 11/08/10 12:00pm 11/08/10 12:00pm

Mercedes CLS Gives BMW The Finger With New Concept

We feel about the portly 5-Series GT the same way Indiana Jones feels about snakes. But the just-revealed Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake Concept? Better than finding a new iPhone in a bar. Glorious photos of the sexy wagon inside. » 4/19/10 10:30pm 4/19/10 10:30pm

Mercedes Benz Green-Lights CLS-Based Wagon

According to AutoWeek, Mercedes has given the go-ahead to a wagon based on their sexy Mercedes Benz CLS. It'll undoubtedly be influenced by the shooting-brake ConceptFascination from Paris two years ago, something we'll have absolutely no problem with. » 1/06/10 12:30pm 1/06/10 12:30pm