What's Your Favorite Car That Wasn't Built For Performance?

We all spend hours dissecting the great sports cars, sport sedans, supercars and hypercars that are out there hooning about and causing trouble. » 1/05/13 1:00pm 1/05/13 1:00pm

Kanye West Pulled Over For Speeding In Kim Kardashian's Geländewagen

Voice of a generation Kanye West found himself in a bit of hot water with the law after getting pulled over for speeding in West Hollywood earlier this week, according to E! News. » 1/04/13 1:40pm 1/04/13 1:40pm

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe And Convertible: Here They Are

Just three weeks after the new E-Class sedan and the estate came to light, Mercedes-Benz also presented the coupe and convertible members of the family. First thoughts? Well, after calling the sedan dull, I'm happy to say that the two-door/chopped roof treatment made the refreshed design look quite a lot better. They… » 1/04/13 7:30am 1/04/13 7:30am

The Squircle Is The Hottest Thing In Car Design Right Now

In design, there are times when squares are in and when things get all round and ovally. Then, you have the squircle. It's exactly like it sounds. » 12/23/12 12:00pm 12/23/12 12:00pm

Mercedes-Benz Recalls 5,800 Cars For Potential Fuel Leak

Fuel leaks are never sexy. The fumes pollute the air and worse, leaked fuel can catch on fire more easily than most things. Unfortunately for Mercedes-Benz, a whole bunch of fuel filters may have been manufactured with a weakness that could cause them to leak fuel. » 12/18/12 12:40pm 12/18/12 12:40pm

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: It's Official, And It Comes With A Clock

Two days after we showed it to you, Mercedes-Benz gave us all the details about it's newest E-Class. We said the car's redesigned front and S-Class shaped profile looks dull, and thought that the sedan's backside could bore even a hardcore Lexus fan, while they refer to it as "emotionally appealing". » 12/13/12 9:20am 12/13/12 9:20am

2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: This Is It And It Is Dull

Here it is, the brand new E-Class in all its glory. As you can see, the biggest change is that Mercedes-Benz's most important model will switch from the dual-pod lights seen on the current one to single units with LED wizardry. I guess that's how Stuttgart says "hi" to Ingolstadt. » 12/11/12 9:20am 12/11/12 9:20am

Surprise! Pope Benedict's New Popemobile Is A Mercedes-Benz Again

Exciting news for fans of Pope Benedict XVI: His Holiness has a new set of wheels, and — shockingly! — it is a Mercedes-Benz SUV yet again. I guess he didn't take too kindly to my suggestion of an '86 Mitsubishi Starion Popemobile. » 12/08/12 9:30am 12/08/12 9:30am

Kraftwerk: A History Of The Insane Cars From AMG

AMG came a long way from building racecar engines in the sixties to making our Editor-in-Chief write about their newest child with the caps lock on. Their cars are just that good. » 12/07/12 4:00pm 12/07/12 4:00pm

Used Car Face Off: War Of The Stick-Shift Wagons

Welcome to Used Car Face Off, where we find two similar or similarly priced used cars and ask you which one you would buy. Choose wisely! » 11/25/12 3:00pm 11/25/12 3:00pm

Start Lobbying Mercedes For A U.S.-Bound CLA Shooting Brake

Clearly, the US isn't getting what the rest of the world is going crazy for. That's usually the case, but I feel like in the case of the third-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class, it's criminally unfair. It's a good-looking small Mercedes, which certainly hasn't happened since skinny ties were cool the first time. Maybe… » 11/18/12 12:00pm 11/18/12 12:00pm

The Mercedes Ener-G-Force Is The Awkwardly Named Future Of Off-Roading

The Mercedes G-Class has been around in the same basic form for about 78 years now. Ok, the number is actually closer to 33, but it is getting long in the tooth. » 11/16/12 7:45am 11/16/12 7:45am

VW Gave $2,250 To Obama, Mercedes Gave Over $2,000 To Ron Paul

Germans are fairly keyed-in to American politics, but their car industry has made some curious donations to the presidential race. Did you know Mercedes-Benz is supporting Ron Paul this year? » 11/06/12 5:30pm 11/06/12 5:30pm

How Mercedes And Porsche Teamed Up To Make One Of The Baddest Sedans…

Last week, I pitted two Q-cars against each other and determined Mercedes was the first of the Germans to nail the recipe for a sedan that looks boring but packs a punch. The 300SEL 6.3 was the beginning, but the W124-based 500E was a high-water mark. » 10/14/12 3:30pm 10/14/12 3:30pm

11 New Car Technologies From Paris That Will Change The Way We Drive

If this year's Paris Motor Show taught us anything, it's that in a European market struggling with a crippling downturn, it's best to look toward the future. » 9/28/12 12:00pm 9/28/12 12:00pm

This Sleek Mercedes Yacht Is Pure Floating Sex

Ever wonder what a Mercedes-Benz boat would look like? Your waiting days are over, my chums of fine pedigree. Mercedes has teamed up with Silver Arrows Marine to create the Benz yacht you've always wanted but could never have. It's pure floating sex. » 9/21/12 2:30pm 9/21/12 2:30pm

What It's Like To Drive The 700-hp RENNtech Mercedes CLS63 AMG

The car world is lousy with fly-by-night tuning shops. RENNtech isn't one of them. Founded in the 1980s by 15-year AMG veteran Hartmut Feyhl, the Florida shop has put the screws to hundreds of Mercedes-Benz (as well as Porsche and BMW) products over the decades. » 9/05/12 3:40pm 9/05/12 3:40pm

Mercedes 380 SL Proves Real Class Never Goes Out Of Style

Welcome to Found Around Town, where we feature cars we find in a city where interesting ones are rare because everyone drives a Prius or rides a bicycle: Austin, Texas. » 9/02/12 9:00am 9/02/12 9:00am