2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black: An Orgasm With Gullwings

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous before getting the 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS GT AMG Black Edition on the track. Sure, it's got those elegant gullwing doors to charm the sense out of you, but it's a genuinely intimidating machine. And I think a little bit of trepidation is healthy, since everyone should be a… » 10/16/13 2:27pm 10/16/13 2:27pm

This Is What A Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Looks Like When It's Upside Down…

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Just because you can afford a powerful and fancy car doesn't mean you have the skills to drive one. » 1/06/13 1:30pm 1/06/13 1:30pm

The Secret Life Of A Safety Car Driver

Bernd Mayländer's office is a Mercedes–Benz SLS AMG. He’s led more laps in the 2010 Formula One season than all but the top five drivers. And he’s been at it for ten years. » 11/15/10 3:00pm 11/15/10 3:00pm

Top Gear Declares Day-Glo Yellow Electric Mercedes SLS "The Future"

The Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell's the polar opposite of a golf cart. Electric, yes, but also sickly powerful with 528-hp and 649lb-ft of torque. Top Gear's stabbed the quiet-pedal and declared it "...the Future. With a capital F." [TopGear] » 8/26/10 2:45pm 8/26/10 2:45pm

First Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Crash In Russia

The first known Mercedes Benz SLS AMG crash has occurred in Russia where the bad-ass Benz tangled with a VAZ 2112. Both cars lost, but the SLS's gullwing doors still work. » 6/16/10 5:15pm 6/16/10 5:15pm

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz SLS La Carrera: Puebla

Our hotel in the town of Puebla started life as a convent. The building's center court featured a giant awning and a nice fountain. There were no nuns. We looked. » 3/30/10 12:53am 3/30/10 12:53am

Mercedes Doesn't Trust Gullwing Doors To Fly SLS AMG Atop Museum

Porsche gave ze Germans the idea by dragging the Panamera to the Shanghai World Financial Center observation deck, as they've now hoisted the Mercedes SLS AMG to the roof of Stuttgart's Mercedes Museum. Gallery and video showing how below. » 10/07/09 12:00pm 10/07/09 12:00pm

Mercedes SLS AMG Convertible Spotted In Cali

Till this point we've been calling the new Mercedes SLS Gullwing, but photos below, taken by our own Wes Siler, seem to indicate there'll be a non-gullwing convertible as well. » 8/21/09 12:00pm 8/21/09 12:00pm

Leaked AMG Mercedes SLS Dealer Guide Details Extravagant Options

We're not yet able to show you official images of the Mercedes AMG SLS Gullwing, but we now can show you some details thanks to this 22-page leaked dealer ordering guide. Anyone up for a $10,000 paint option? » 7/29/09 9:00am 7/29/09 9:00am

Mercedes SLS Gullwing Leaked!

We showed you the interior details two days ago, and those headers of fire a while back, but thanks to an as-yet-unnamed magazine, we've got what's supposedly the first look at the upcoming 571 HP V8-powered Mercedes SLS Gullwing. » 7/10/09 11:00am 7/10/09 11:00am

Mercedes AMG SLS Gullwing Teasers Show Off Simple, Sexy Interior

Development is wrapping up on the Mercedes AMG SLS Gullwing, the all-new, 571 HP gull-winged velvet hammer from Stuttgart. A sneak peek of the beast inside. » 7/08/09 6:30pm 7/08/09 6:30pm