Here's What Happens When You Crash A Smart ForTwo Into An S-Class

In order to convince potential buyers that the minuscule Smart ForTwo isn't something they will be violently killed in, Smart has long trumpeted the car's "tridion safety cell" as being one of the most protective systems out there. But how does it hold up in a Mercedes-style David vs. Goliath crash test? » 7/17/14 5:07pm 7/17/14 5:07pm

How Many LEDs Does The Audi A8 Need To Beat The Mercedes S-Class?

Audi is still on a roll however you look at it. In the US alone, they're bragging about their 31st consecutive month of record sales. Globally, they're well on track to beat their goal of selling 2 million cars a year by 2020. But there's one big hurdle Audi hasn't conquered yet: The Mercedes-Benz S-Class. » 8/04/13 2:00pm 8/04/13 2:00pm

Maybach will soon be kaput!

There's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall, and the bells in the steeple too... Daimler AG is killing the ultra-pricy Maybach brand effective in 2013, the Wall Street Journal reports today. Something, something, something, something, oooo. » 11/25/11 3:30pm 11/25/11 3:30pm

2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class takes a spin in Sweden

Do German automakers frequent the same few square miles of Sweden for winter testing? Because how else would spies get the next Porsche 911 and now the upcoming 2013 Mercedes S-Class, although the S-Class gets a failing grade about two minutes in. » 2/24/11 10:00am 2/24/11 10:00am

Is This The Ultimate Mercedes-Benz Sleeper?

Your grandpa's plain-Jane W221 Mercedes-Benz S600 is his pride and joy. Ask him to borrow it, then show up with Speedriven's 695 hp kit installed. Imagine the joy on his weathered face when he finally smokes ol' Chester's Black Series. » 1/05/11 3:00pm 1/05/11 3:00pm

For The First Time, Chief Perp Lamm Claims A LeMons Car For 500 Bucks!

We totally believed the story behind the drug-smuggling Paraguayan S600 Benz, and so the big V12-powered German got zero penalty laps during the BS Inspection. However, a good story won't save you from the claimer rule! » 11/22/09 11:59pm 11/22/09 11:59pm

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti: Track-Tested, V12-Powered, Kid-Approved

We have looked at Ferraris, Lamborghinis and even a Maserati wagon in our search for the ultimate family super car. Let’s wrap things up with the overlord of them all: the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. » 5/15/09 5:30pm 5/15/09 5:30pm

Brabus Introduces 22-Inch Wheels For Club-Going Mercedes S and CL-Class…

If you've been waiting patiently for Brabus to "open the door to a new dimension for the latest Mercedes S-Class sedan » 10/22/08 12:00pm 10/22/08 12:00pm and the " by dropping their own 22" wheels into the sparsely populated big-wheels aftermarket, today is a day for rejoicing. Not only have they unveiled the BRABUS Monoblock VI, Monoblock S, and…

First Picture Of New BMW 7-Series Squaring Off Against Mercedes…

This is the first time we've seen the new 2009 BMW 7-Series » 9/19/08 2:45pm 9/19/08 2:45pm posing next to two of its direct rivals, a and a . We're not sure what the photo shoot of the luxury trio was for, but we're assuming it's for a buff book doing a luxury car snooze-fest. Which is good, because then no one will be awake to be horrified by the…

Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHYBRID Provides Smugness For Very Serious German…

The Mercedes S400 BlueHYBRID (note the use of all caps here, to let people know IT'S A HYBRID!) » 9/17/08 5:00pm 9/17/08 5:00pm takes the exquisite and makes it into a -killing eco-smug limo. Starting with a 3.5-liter V6, a hybrid drivetrain with a 20 HP electric motor and lithium-ion batteries specially developed for automotive use are added.…