2012 Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG: This is it

If there were any doubts about Mercedes-Benz's intent to keep the ML63 AMG in rotation, these photos should assuage the living crap out of them. A pre-production prototype was just spotted outside the Barnes & Noble in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 20 miles west of the MB plant in Vance. » 8/30/11 3:30pm 8/30/11 3:30pm

Mercedes Reveals Refreshed M-Class Lineup, Including 510 HP ML 63 AMG

Daimler has dropped the hammer on its newly-refreshed Mercedes Benz M-Class lineup. There's actually not a whole lot of news here other than a restyled nose and tail, fresh interior materials, and two new safety features called "PRE-SAFE" and "NECK-PRO", which despite the capital letters sound pretty boring to us.… » 3/13/08 8:45am 3/13/08 8:45am