Custom Axles And Wheels Take G-Wagen Sand Hoonage Up A Level

Portal axels give this G 55 extra off-road articulation, and bumpers that can hold a winch on the front and back are pretty useful, but I think the two-piece Hutchinson Beadlocker wheels are the prettiest part of this G-wagen. » 4/07/14 2:50pm 4/07/14 2:50pm

The $100,000 Off-Road Challenge

If glowing purple aliens landed in front of the drainage pipes our Range Rover Supercharged and Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG had just climbed, none of the guys in the lifted Jeep would have noticed. Nothing looks stranger than $230K screwing around in the dirt. » 5/31/11 12:00pm 5/31/11 12:00pm