Motive Pits Hyundai Genesis Against Mercedes E-Class, Will Our…

Like most of us, the guys at Motive are interested in seeing how the new 2009 Hyundai Genesis stacks up against it's German rivals when compared side-by-side. So, they got their hands on a Genesis and brought along a Mercedes E550 to see if Hyundai really has the beginnings of a top-tier luxury brand. Obviously, the… » 7/02/08 10:20am 7/02/08 10:20am

A Brief Lesson On How To Fail At A Toll Booth

This is one of those videos which leaves you just shaking your head. Operating an automobile is apparently a monumental task for this E-Class driver and the result is both amusing and confounding. And sad. Since she just drives away after her and her band of friends assess the damage. We're assuming she went directly… » 5/06/08 10:00am 5/06/08 10:00am