The 2011 Mercedes C-Class Leaves US Wagon Volk Tearful

Mercedes-Benz rolled out the new generation C-Class tonight in Detroit. A slight update in exterior styling, a more-heavily updated interior, and a couple of nice wagons, which won't be coming to the US. Why do you hurt us, MB? » 1/09/11 10:15pm 1/09/11 10:15pm

This Is Not How To Fix A Mercedes Hood Ornament

Certain elements of society think it's great fun to rip hood ornaments off fancy cars. Normally the owner replaces it with a new one. This guy did it with wire, unsuccessfully. » 12/24/09 1:00pm 12/24/09 1:00pm

2011 Mercedes C-Class: Refreshed, Accidentally Unveiled

Those darn internets have done it again. The forthcoming Mercedes C-Class refresh has been accidentally and unceremoniously revealed by Mercedes UK's online car configurator. The changes include a tweaked front fascia, new wheels and Porsche-like lower running lights. Gallery below. » 12/07/09 11:00am 12/07/09 11:00am

Mercedes C-Class Get Über-Efficient With BlueEFFICIENCY Techology

Nobody was accusing Mercedes of being inefficient, but that didn't stop those German engineers from staying up late with their slide rules calculators supercomputers named Hans trying to squeeze more efficiency from the new C-Class. Apparently, some of that midnight oil was burned in ze vind tunnel, where the… » 3/05/08 2:45pm 3/05/08 2:45pm