Mercedes-Benz A-Class suggests someone's a Mazda fan

The Mazda3 did such wonders for the hot hatchback market that there's now a luxury version in the works. No, wait, sorry, this is just a patent image from AutoScoops for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Obviously, right? » 5/11/11 1:30pm 5/11/11 1:30pm

Mercedes-Benz A-Class coming to U.S.

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is coming to our shores in hopes that the trend of Americans embracing awesome little weirdo Germans started by Christoph Waltz continues. More details from the show floor as we get them. » 4/20/11 11:25am 4/20/11 11:25am

If It Doesn't Say Micro Maybach, It's Not The Real Thing

Daimler may follow the Aston Martin Cygnet's lead and build a kid-sized Maybach to offset the brand's atrocious CAFE rating based on the next-generation Mercedes A-Class. Either that or people don't know April 1st is tomorrow. (Thanks Neil!) [DriveMagazine] » 3/31/10 2:30pm 3/31/10 2:30pm

Mercedes-Benz A-Class And B-Class Could Be Bound For America, According…

A new Mercedes compact could be in your future, according to mustache aficionado, part-time bartender and Daimler Chief Dieter Zetsche. Despite previous reports that the A-Class was too expensive and the US dollar too weak, the sudden shift in American tastes has made the Mercedes A-Class not so much of a reach. Dr. Z… » 7/28/08 2:40pm 7/28/08 2:40pm

2009 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Gets Facelift, Still Not For America

Want a premium brand city car? How about a Mercedes A-Class? Of course, you'll have to be in one of the markets that actually gets the car (not the US). But we're not too disappointed. This here is the new 2009 version that will be released later year, but even with freshened styling and a cleaner engine lineup, we're… » 3/27/08 1:45pm 3/27/08 1:45pm