BMW, Audi, And Mercedes-Benz Want To Buy Nokia’s Maps To Fend Off Google

Keeping with old the adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Germany’s Big Three are working together to buy a controlling stake in Nokia’s Here mapping unit. The move is partially to keep it out of the hands of Google, Apple, or Facebook, but mainly to give the automakers a leg up on both self-driving vehicles… »5/06/15 6:17pm5/06/15 6:17pm

These Mercedes Evolution Morphs Are Oddly Hypnotizing

Remember back in the '90s when the world had morph-mania? For a glorious while there, it felt like the whole world was one glorious morphable thing, with our Mac LCs and Morph 2.0. A Mercedes parts supplier remembers, and made some oddly compelling animations of Mercedes-Benzes morphing through their generations. »4/10/15 10:00pm4/10/15 10:00pm

Why I'm Excited About A Possible Mercedes Competitor To The Audi TT

Merecedes-Benz! They’re doing all kinds of nutty stuff these days, like making insane-looking hatchbacks and pickup trucks. In a bid to beat BMW as the world’s top-selling luxury automaker in five years they’re expanding into all sorts of segments, and according to one report, they may even make a competitor to the … »4/03/15 8:40pm4/03/15 8:40pm