Mercedes-Benz Will Now Sell You A Whole Bunch Of Cars Directly From Its Museum

Interested in buying an old Mercedes, but shied away because you’re worried that Craigslist is full of randos and murderers and this guy? Those may or may not be reasonable fears! But fear not, as Mercedes itself has you covered. If you’re willing to pay serious money, it’ll sell you a car right out of its own museum… »11/10/15 8:35pm11/10/15 8:35pm

Watchdog Group Says Other Car Companies Are Cheating On Emissions All The Time

Volkswagen admitted to cheating on emissions tests with 11 million TDI engines worldwide, but are they alone in this? That’s what regulators and NGOs around the globe are trying to figure out at the moment, and at least one European group fears BMW, Mercedes and General Motors are doing the same kind of thing. »9/23/15 2:24pm9/23/15 2:24pm