Here's How I Fixed My Embarrassingly Loud Mercedes S-Class Without Going Broke

A Mercedes-Benz S-Class should be a few things: luxurious, comfortable, and above all, quiet. My car was two of those things, but failed pretty miserably on the last bit because of one common component failing in spectacular form. Here’s how I fixed it with my bank account and sanity intact.

Mercedes Will Sell The G500 4x4² In America After All; Everything Is Going To Be Okay; A New Age Of Prosperity Is About To Begin

The Mercedes G500 4x4², a rolling caricature of a car built as a monument to what’s possible when engineers develop a sense of humor, will soon be for sale in the United States. Finally, a few wealthy Americans will able to express their extroversion more acutely than they ever thought possible.


Here Are Five Dirt Cheap Used Cars That Cost More Than $100,000 New

If you’re like any other semi-narcissistic person out there, you probably enjoy owning something desirable and expensive, if only for the virtue of its exclusivity. And if you’re a cheap-ass like me, you’ll enjoy that feeling even more if you don’t go broke chasing it. Thankfully, here are five automotive examples of…