Mercedes Will Sell The G500 4x4² In America After All; Everything Is Going To Be Okay; A New Age Of Prosperity Is About To Begin

The Mercedes G500 4x4², a rolling caricature of a car built as a monument to what’s possible when engineers develop a sense of humor, will soon be for sale in the United States. Finally, a few wealthy Americans will able to express their extroversion more acutely than they ever thought possible.

Here Are Five Dirt Cheap Used Cars That Cost More Than $100,000 New

If you’re like any other semi-narcissistic person out there, you probably enjoy owning something desirable and expensive, if only for the virtue of its exclusivity. And if you’re a cheap-ass like me, you’ll enjoy that feeling even more if you don’t go broke chasing it. Thankfully, here are five automotive examples of…


My Mercedes-Benz S-Class Broke Down On The Highway 

I’ll be the first to say buying a cheap used luxury car is, above all else, tempting. It’s like ordering a $10 eight-ounce steak and then realizing that the measurement was in pounds, not ounces—even if it does have an expiration date that may prove uncomfortable for most. Here’s how my cheap used luxury car met its…