Damon Hill Drives Reporter To Sickness In Mercedes AMG SL55

This short video illustrates what happens when former F1 Champion Damon Hill unleashes his Stig-like driving skills in a Mercedes AMG SL55 upon a weak-stomached, unsuspecting automotive reporter in the passenger seat. How embarrassing. » 3/20/09 1:00pm 3/20/09 1:00pm

Steve Jobs' "Barcode License Plate" Mystery Has Been Solved

The Apple fan-boys have been all over recent spottings » 9/13/08 12:53pm 9/13/08 12:53pm of Steve Jobs' parked Mercedes AMG SL 55 with no license plate. While we're more interested in how he's able to park in , the fan-boy focus has been on the barcode in the empty spot where the license plate should be, and rumors that it's a super-secret-special…