High in Mississippi: Toyota Highlander, New Crossover to Be Built Near Tupelo

According to Automotive News, Toyota is building a $1 billion plant in the wilds of Memphis, Tennessee. At least, they're expected to, which means someone spilled the beans ahead of a local press conference to be held this morning in Blue Springs, Miss — a tiny town outside of big Memph Toupe. That's where the SUV… »2/27/07 10:08am2/27/07 10:08am

Scrooged! Nissan HQ Employees To Have A Blue Christmas Due To Late Pay

We never really understood why Nissan made the move to the Tennessee. Sure, CEO Carlos Ghosn can talk a big game about how he wants to locate the NorAm HQ near his new manufacturing locations — but if the need for that were true, the NorAm HQ for FoMoCo would be in Mexico and GM's would be located in Canada near the… »12/21/06 2:54pm12/21/06 2:54pm