Happy Memorial Day, Jalopnik To Resume Full-Service Tuesday

It's Memorial Day weekend and our overlords at Gawker have granted us a half-day today and a full day off on Monday. So we'll probably be spending our long weekend chugging down beers, bitching about gas prices, watching the Indy 500, engaging in more self-flagellation and playing with some cars we'll be talking about… »5/23/08 2:20pm5/23/08 2:20pm

Gas Prices Reach $3.831 Per Gallon Average, Are You Traveling This Weekend?

People in Missouri may prefer a free gun to free gas, but for the first time in six years AAA is reporting that less people are planning to drive this Memorial Day weekend with gas reaching an all-time high of $3.83. If you're Shaq you probably don't mind paying $23,000 a month for gas, but you're not probably not… »5/23/08 9:20am5/23/08 9:20am