Advertisement Defies Logic, Creates Useful Gas Prices Widget

If there's one thing knows, it's how to create web content for auto buff books that is extraordinarily useless. But who knew they could create something actually useful — like a widget to find the cheapest price of gas around town? Mazel Tov,, you're finally becoming a man. Now get in… »5/23/08 2:10pm5/23/08 2:10pm

America Feels Gassy: The United States Of Memorial Day Gas Prices

With our MSPaint-level cartographic skills and a batch of gas data from the always instructive we present to you the average gas prices by state. The cheapest gas by average is found in Wyoming ($3.646 per gallon), where no one lives, while the most expensive gas is in Connecticut and Hawaii ($4.171),… »5/23/08 12:30pm5/23/08 12:30pm

Standing at the Gates of the West: So-Cal Hot Rodding and the War

To Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, the Gates of the West may have been New York City. Or Saint Louis. Or San Francisco, where they holed up to record overdubs and vocal tracks for Give 'Em Enough Rope with Sandy "More Cowbell" Pearlman. But for many returning soldiers at the end of World War II, the Gates of the West… »5/28/07 4:30pm5/28/07 4:30pm

Say it Isn't So! Jim Nabors Unable to Attend Indy 500

In a move shocking to Indiana residents and racing fans alike, Jim Nabors announced that he will be unable to attend the Indy 500 and sing Back Home in Indiana due to illness. Race fans in attendance and from around the world will be encouraged to sing in place of the heartland crooner via a live video satellite feed… »5/25/07 1:30pm5/25/07 1:30pm

Never Mind the $4 Per Gallon, Here's the Summer Road Trips!

I'm old enough to remember when gas went over $1.00 a gallon during the Iran/Iraq war. I also remember during the roaring Reagan 80s when gas prices would occasionally dip below $1.00 per. Suddenly, the old man would make the dog drink unleaded. "It's cheaper than water!" He'd yell as he began splashing the stuff over… »5/17/07 1:00pm5/17/07 1:00pm