Some Gawker Media Stories I Liked in 2014

Below you'll find a handful of Gawker Media stories from 2014 that I enjoyed for one reason or another. This is only a sampling, not a comprehensive roundup, and I'm putting it here partly as a way of telegraphing my tastes to the many staffers who know me only as the editor of an often impenetrably abstruse … »1/07/15 4:33pm1/07/15 4:33pm


What Gawker Media Is Doing About Our Rape Gif Problem

On Monday, we posted an open letter to the management of Gawker Media, our parent company, regarding an ongoing problem that we here at Jezebel could no longer tolerate: horribly violent rape gifs that were consistently appearing in our comments. For months, we asked Gawker Media HQ for help with the trolling — but… »8/13/14 11:10am8/13/14 11:10am

Rumor Mill: Did GM Call Out Toyota's Stretched Truth in Tundra Ads?

In an article published in yesterday's New York Times, Nick Bunkley alludes to an anonymous GM higher-up e-mailing a group of dealers to point out, let's just say, massaged truths in recent Tundra ads. This morning we find an anonymous e-mail from our circle of engi-nerd friends that reads like it could have been the… »3/21/07 11:00am3/21/07 11:00am