He Drinks, You Play: The Mel Gibson PCH Driving Game

Now you can experience for yourself what it felt like to be the passionate Mel Gibson, speeding drunkenly down the PCH on a fateful July night. "So You Think You Can Drive, Mel?", a new game on gsn.com, recreates Mel's drive in animated form, replete with tequila bottles, state troopers, and Star of David-slinging… » 9/17/06 11:24am 9/17/06 11:24am

Should Have Seen The Signs: Mel Gibson's DUI Has Two New Ironic Twists

Two twists in the Mel "blame the Jews" Gibson DUI case, both coming from the website serving up all-Mel all-the-time, TMZ.com. And with this Gibson thing, do we need any more irony...apparently, yes. First, it turns out Gibson made a couple of statements at the height of the PR campaign for Gibson's blockbuster… » 7/31/06 5:37pm 7/31/06 5:37pm