The Craziest Stories About The Making Of Mad Max And The Road Warrior

One week from today, Mad Max returns to our screens in Mad Max: Fury Road. But that post-apocalyptic road-rage survivor wouldn’t be around today if he hadn’t starred in two incredible movies, decades ago. Here are all the weirdest facts you never knew about the making of Mad Max and The Road Warrior. Plus an exclusive… »5/08/15 6:15pm5/08/15 6:15pm


Should Have Seen The Signs: Mel Gibson's DUI Has Two New Ironic Twists

Two twists in the Mel "blame the Jews" Gibson DUI case, both coming from the website serving up all-Mel all-the-time, And with this Gibson thing, do we need any more irony...apparently, yes. First, it turns out Gibson made a couple of statements at the height of the PR campaign for Gibson's blockbuster… »7/31/06 5:37pm7/31/06 5:37pm