Even A Hydropneumatic Suspension Couldn't Hold All These Vintage Citroen Brochures

Finding the Peugeot 403 brochure was nice, but we need a total overdose of vintage French car brochures! Fortunately, Mort555 came to the rescue, by sending us a tip about this Dutch site with dozens of beautifully scanned Citroën brochures from the 1950s through the 1980s. France, Spain, Finland, Germany, Italy- if… »7/30/08 4:00pm7/30/08 4:00pm

Is Franzouse The Latest Project Car Hell Poster Child?

France-based commenter Franzouse, not content to rest on his Project Car Hell Tipster laurels (you may remember him as the man responsible for the Yankenwagen Me, Krankenwagen Me Edition of Project Car Hell), is now looking to climb the rust-and-Bondo ziggurat and achieve Project Car Hell Poster Child Status as well...
»1/09/08 3:00pm1/09/08 3:00pm

DAF vs. FAF: Get Your YA-YAs Outta My Face, Jonny: Mehari!

Yes, once, long ago, I did write about the sheer radness of Citro n's mini-Jeeplet, which totally kicks the poo out of the DAF 66 YA. It's beefier, tougher-looking, was actually briefly sold in the US of A, and was available with four wheel drive. The plastic-bodied Mehari was also the basis for the mighty FAF, and… »12/11/06 9:45pm12/11/06 9:45pm