Transformers 2: Megatron To Return As A Tank?

Rumor has it that the Decepticon bad boy, Megatron, may be making a return to the screen for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. This time, Megatron is said to be in the form of a military tank, but that's caused some people to wonder if that means the Autobots have resurrected him to help them defeat The Fallen.… » 8/04/08 5:20pm 8/04/08 5:20pm

Exclusive Transformers Update! Michael Bay Is Leaking Robot CGI All…

We received a couple more pics this AM from one of our own embedded "Deep Throat" tipsters in the land of Michael Bay. And this here tipster got us some gems — how about that Bumblebee blaster above, eh? We've got four of the larger-than-life CGI and prettily-painted pics of the Camaro-y Bumblebee, the diesel-y… » 12/04/06 10:43am 12/04/06 10:43am

Exclusive Transformers Movie Update: Megatron's Nastier Than Prime!

Ugh — we think we just vomited in our mouths a little bit. That can't seriously be Megatron. What the hell is Bay trying to do to our beloved Transformers — why does he need to over-techie them in an orgasm of wires and tiny metal parts? It's just gross. And seriously — "Battle Mode" and "Standard Mode" — what the… » 8/24/06 3:48pm 8/24/06 3:48pm

Exclusive Live-Action Transformers Update: Megatron Must Be Stopped,…

So there you have it — Megatron in all of his what appears to be frozen glory. We've also got another shot of the Camaro-rockin' Bumblebee fully transformed, as well as another picture of Prime as a long-nosed Semi and finally what looks to be "Team Autobot" — the Black GMC TopKick (Ironhide), the modified H2… » 8/18/06 9:54pm 8/18/06 9:54pm