Crazy Like a Fox for $3,300!

Not just Pumas come from Brazil, and today Nice Price or Crack Pipe continues to mine the South American Menagerie for contestants, with a foxy Volkswagen. » 12/02/09 7:30am 12/02/09 7:30am

Random Transformers Movie Props Up For Auction

Props from both Transformers films will be be auctioned off next month. Lots include this giant styrofoam head of Optimus Prime, a full-size Bumblebee robot and lots of Megan Fox costumes to please weirdos. » 9/23/09 5:00pm 9/23/09 5:00pm

A Completely Unnecessary NSFW Megan Fox Mega Gallery

We don't understand the Jalopnik commentariat's fetish with Megan Fox. Sure, she was in Transformers. Yes, she's hot. But despite there being next-to-zero tangential relationships between her and cars, we continue getting story tips about her. Let's sate that desire. » 9/02/09 5:45pm 9/02/09 5:45pm

Michael Bay Is A Perv, Makes Megan Fox Wash Ferrari

44-year old Transformers 2 director Michael Bay made 23-year old Megan Fox wash his Ferrari as part of her audition for the film. The best part? He filmed it. » 7/09/09 8:00am 7/09/09 8:00am

Transformers 2: Megan Fox Makes Wheelie Her Little Bitch

After watching this minute-and-a-half clip from Transformers 2 of Megan Fox being her bad-ass self taking on a little scrap metal droid named "Wheelie," we're beginning to believe "Wheelie" is another name for "Jar-Jar." [via cinematoday] » 6/12/09 11:00am 6/12/09 11:00am

Megan Fox Takes Shia LaBeouf For An Aprilia Ride In Transformers 2

These pictures prove once and for all Shia LaBeouf is undeserving of Megan Fox's attentions in Transformers 2. More relationship-dominating Megan in leather, with obligatory Aprilia cycle, below. » 6/11/09 7:15pm 6/11/09 7:15pm

Stan Bush Makes Horrible Re-Make Of "The Touch" Ahead Of Transformers 2

It's called "Sam's Song" and we think we may have to throw up a little. But hey, Megan Fox. So it's not all bad. [via TFW2005] » 5/15/09 6:00pm 5/15/09 6:00pm

Esquire Spends Day With Megan Fox

Want to spend a day with Transformers 2 star and Jalopnik commentariat fan-favorite Megan Fox? Esquire did, and brought along the Red One camera for the June issue. The video tease alone is epic. [Esquire] » 5/04/09 10:45am 5/04/09 10:45am

New Transformers 2 Clip Is Robogasmic, Megan Fox-y

Click to viewFor ShoWest, Michael Bay's dropped a healthy two-and-a-half minute load of footage from summer's upcoming smash-hit, Transformers 2. It features Megan Fox stripping, Bumblebee crying and Optimus Prime getting a kick-to-the-face by Devastator. Robogasm? Yes. » 4/18/09 2:10pm 4/18/09 2:10pm

Tales Of An Autobot, Magnimus Gets It All Wrong

Ever wondered what happens when a Transformer transforms with humans inside? This comic explains all. Let's just hope one of the occupants wasn't Megan Fox. » 3/13/09 3:00pm 3/13/09 3:00pm

Transformers 2 Pictures Show *GASP* A Robot!

Another day of filming Transformers 2 has unveiled some key insights. The first is that Transformers 2 will feature robots; in this particular case, a sort of smaller, dragon-like Transformer who feeds on whomever is inside that vehicle. Given that most of the scenes filmed at Princeton University have featured the … » 7/01/08 2:40pm 7/01/08 2:40pm

We saw Speed Racer after a few hours of donwload, and yes, it was horrible. But speaking of movies involving cars, anyone see those pics of Megan Fox topless over at brother site Defamer today? » 5/12/08 5:55pm 5/12/08 5:55pm

Transformers Movie Update: Pontiac Builds Excitement With High-Res Pics…

Yesterday's shotgun blast of shots wasn't quite enough to sate the PR machine, as it seems the marketing blitz surrounding the new live-action Transformers movie continues unabated with new shots via Maxim and their three-way promotional deal with General Motors and Paramount. They're the first high-res shots of the… » 5/16/07 3:30pm 5/16/07 3:30pm