Making A Career Shift To Emergency Medicine

Zack Mosley was introduced to medicine in a Combat Lifesaver Certification class; a requirement his job consulting in the Middle East. After coming home to a tough job market in his field, he's making a run at a career in medicine. This is the beginning of his journey. » 8/10/14 2:14pm 8/10/14 2:14pm

Mercedes SL63 F1 Safety Car and C63 Medical Car Revealed

Mercedes has unveiled the official SL63 AMG pace car and C63 wagon medical car for the 2008 Formula One series. The models' first race will be at the Australian GP in Melbourne next week. In addition to copious amounts of safety equipment, the SL63 has received performance upgrades to make it more capable on the track.

» 3/07/08 1:00pm 3/07/08 1:00pm