MDI Introduces The Airpod, A Futuristic, Air-Powered Death Trap

The MDI Airpod is a minuscule concept which mates a compressed air engine similar to the one that'll go in the Tata Nano »11/03/08 12:30pm11/03/08 12:30pm with wacky futuristic styling and a footprint perfect for city dwellers intent on automotive-assisted suicide. At just 81.5 inches long and 63 inches wide, the Airpod manages to hold three people…

Tata Nano To Offer Compressed Air Engine Optional, Make Electric Cars Look Silly

Buried in a New York Times article on "Low-Carbon Chic" (vomit) comes confirmation the Tata Nano, the $2500 (or maybe a bit more) mini-car will offer a MDI compressed air engine as an option. Tata has been backing MDI for a while now, and off-the-cuff we mused at the idea of the compressed air engine option in a Nano »7/09/08 6:00pm7/09/08 6:00pm

Huffing and Puffing: Tata Electric Car To Run on Compressed Air?

After 14 years worth of research, design and testing, former Formula 1 driver Guy Negre has done what I did back in 7th grade — make an air-powered car. Okay, my air car was a little less complex than this design, but it got third place in the shop class race off and had flames on its tiny, 8-inch long chassis. Now,… »1/10/08 8:15am1/10/08 8:15am