Why Is Chevrolet Sending Their Dealers To Disney?

Many of you who have gone car shopping have encountered some interesting characters on the sales-floor. But for the past four years Chevrolet has been taking advice from Mickey Mouse and Goofy in order to make your car-buying experience more pleasant. I guess it really is a small world after all. » 2/19/15 7:25pm 2/19/15 7:25pm

Connecticut Bus Drivers Should Be Thanked For Fattening Up Their Riders

I am a former fat kid. Yes, that's right, an FFK. Not to make things too personal here, but because of that I'm not so much a fan of McDonald's. Which is why I perked up to one of the promo pieces CNBC's got running for a special taking viewers "Inside the McDonald's Empire" tonight at 9 PM. The piece catching our… » 7/25/07 2:20pm 7/25/07 2:20pm

Jalopnik Question Of The Day: Would You Like Fries With Your…

From the AP today: » 2/21/07 5:59pm 2/21/07 5:59pm

We're of the opinion jail time for Ms. McMissile for throwing a cup with ice cubes would be more than a bit draconian. Especially considering the fact that who among us hasn't wanted to take the remainders of their icy fast-food beverage and toss it at the closest punk driver who just cut us off…