GM Not Breaking Up With Big Oil, Just Needed Time To Think

GM just can't quit Big Oil. One week after we reported that the General planned a very public breakup with petroleum, GM is backing away from its new ad campaign. In a statement, GM spokeswoman Kelly Cusinato said, "It's one spot, and it's not in its final creative treatment yet. We don't know if we're going to run… »6/18/08 9:20am6/18/08 9:20am


GM "Breaks Up" With Big Oil; Booty Calls, Beatings Likely To Continue

McCann-Erickson, the agency that brought you such Buick tag lines as "Dream Up" and "Beyond Precision," has decided GM needs to put its foot down and end its self-abusive, codependent-yet-carnally-thrilling relationship with Big Oil. A new campaign will debut on June 22, when the General will present a "Dear Oil"… »6/11/08 9:20am6/11/08 9:20am

Ad Watch: When Did 30 MPG Become The New American Revolution?

Did you know nine out of every ten cars Chevrolet sells get 30 mpg or better highway mileage? We didn't either, what with the Silverado, Avalanche and Tahoe's it's sold in all sorts of different area codes. It was only then we realized...Chevy said "cars" not "vehicles" — so yeah, we guess that makes sense. But, as… »8/26/06 1:02pm8/26/06 1:02pm

Ad Watch: Prestone Trying To Go Anti-Buzzkill; Plays Games Instead Of Work

We've got a problem with windshield wiper solution — don't manufacturers know at 95 mph, the fluid just flies right over the windshield and on to the car behind us? Apparently the windshield wiper washer fluid solution kings of Prestone are looking to at least provide us with an easy way to experience what it would… »5/24/06 10:03am5/24/06 10:03am

Ad Watch: GM's Still Not Sold On FM — Then Again, Now Again

We were able to snag a copy of the new GM ad before it airs tonight on Survivor, and its a veritable orgy of self-love of the past. And we all know how excited GM gets when it talks about the past — they seem to drop trou at the mention of sock hops, AM radio and tailfins — but umm, does that mean the target… »5/11/06 11:42am5/11/06 11:42am