Maserati Claims Fastest Production Nürburgring Lap In MC12, Pretends Viper Doesn't Exist

Joining the "we're faster than you and we can prove it in a completely unscientific way by racing around the same racetrack in a production car under various conditions and providing our own timing" club is the Maserati MC12 »10/10/08 4:40pm10/10/08 4:40pm, which now claims they've made the fastest production lap around the Nürburgring of 7:24.29,…


We're Gonna Go Be a Sheik Now: Inside Hamad bin Hamdan's Garage

Dude, being a sheik kinda seems as if it's the business. Harems, all the oil one can slather upon oneself, warm weather, clothes that never go out of style, hanging with T.E. Lawrence, and oh, most importantly, a whole shiek-sized garageload of exotic iron. Or, in Sheik Hamad bin Hamdan of Abu Dhabi's case, aluminum… »9/06/06 11:30pm9/06/06 11:30pm

The Maserati MC12 Corsa in a Parking Garage — in Monaco

One of the Gawkerettes, much to our considerable and unrelenting jealousy, spent Sunday in Monaco checking out the Grand Prix (go, go Alonso) from a yacht in the Mediterranean. While there, she (by the grace of Bill the parking attendant) captured a shot of the just-revealed Maserati MC12 Corsa — the track-only,… »5/30/06 10:05am5/30/06 10:05am