Mercedes-Benz Adds Factory iPhone Integration

Mercedes-Benz is getting hip with the youngsters by announcing that it will support the Apple iPhone by way of a center-console mounted cradle. The good news about this is that the switching between audio and telephone functions seems to be pretty seamless using the center display and steering-wheel controls. The bad… » 6/19/08 2:40pm 6/19/08 2:40pm

Mercedes-Pens Is A Self-Explanatory Art Car

If you haven't had enough of the art cars yet, take a gander at Costas Schuler's Mercedes-Pens. The Santa Rosa, California, resident has a knack for pens—so much so it became his shtick by gluing thousands upon thousands of pens to his 1981 300SD turbodiesel Mercedes-Benz. Schuler uses the the art-car as a promotional… » 5/16/08 2:40pm 5/16/08 2:40pm

Britney Spears Buys SL65, Who Will She Hit First?

Because being a bad mother is a full-time job, we don't blame Britney for taking time out of her busy schedule of chandelier shopping and court appearances to buy a white Mercedes-Benz SL65. As with everything involving Brtiney Spears, it was chaos at the car dealership and she had to have a police escort to test… » 11/08/07 5:00pm 11/08/07 5:00pm

When 700 Newton-Meters Aren't Enough: Brabus Tunes Some Mercedes Diesels

True, the 420 models are common-rail turbodiesel MB products we can't get in the states. However, with the Detroit introduction of Audi's stump-yanking yet chicky micky Q7 V12 TDI we're betting we'll be seeing these urea scrubbed toughies sooner than later. Which means that Brabus has got a tuning kit for us. It is… » 1/15/07 12:21pm 1/15/07 12:21pm