The 2014 Mazda CX-9 Looks Like A Mazda

I know what you're thinking: So what? The last one was a boring, minivan-esque suburban driveway flower. But the latest Mazda CX-9 Crossover, to be introduced in North America sometime late this year or early next, will be all new. » 9/18/12 1:20pm 9/18/12 1:20pm

Why China's Anti-Japan Rage May Be Worse For Japanese Automakers Than…

China and Japan have never really been the best of friends, yet they typically try to get along so they can mutually benefit. But over the weekend, relations took a turn for the worst over a substantial land dispute. » 9/17/12 2:00pm 9/17/12 2:00pm

You Didn’t Know Bees Could Fly Backwards

This is New Zealand's Mad Mike Whiddett in his four-rotor RX-7 unlocking the Super Most Excellent Drifting Achievement: the backwards entry drift. It's like a cloud of furious bees, going backwards. » 9/13/12 1:00pm 9/13/12 1:00pm

Canadian Mazda Will Set You Free From The 'Hell' Of Manual Transmissions

Ugh, manual transmissions, am I right? All that clutching and shifting and engine braking and being more in control of your car – it's exhausting! Forget all the reasons you should learn to drive stick. Everyone knows we need to have our hands free so we can eat french fries or text photos of our junk to people we… » 9/09/12 10:30am 9/09/12 10:30am

Was This New Mazda6 Video Done With Computers Or The Power Of Satan?

When Mazda debuted the sexy new Mazda6 sedan at the Moscow Auto Show in late August, they did so with a video that showed the decidedly un-beige midsizer driving through the desert accompanied by cellists playing a Kinks song. » 9/08/12 2:00pm 9/08/12 2:00pm

Warning: This Video Will Make You Want A Mazda RX-7

If you weren't already a devotee of the lightweight, rear-drive, rotary sports cars from Mazda's glory years, this video will convert you. » 8/31/12 1:00pm 8/31/12 1:00pm

Miata-On-Miata Crash Is Why You Don’t Tailgate

One silver Eunos Roadster (JDM MX-5) is closely following a friend's red Miata on North Carolina's famous Deal's Gap. They don't know a 53' Semi is about to block their lane. The ensuing crash is a lesson in tailgating. » 8/16/12 4:00pm 8/16/12 4:00pm

How Many Heinekens For That Supercharger On Your Hood?

A supercharger bolted directly to the hood of your Miata doesn't mean you get any added horsepower, nor does it make you look cool. But is it worth a six pack of Heineken? » 8/06/12 3:00pm 8/06/12 3:00pm

The 1989 Miata Promises Hope And Faith For The Future

Lots of things make America great: apple pie, baseball, a flawless criminal justice system that never ever makes mistakes, and, according to this TV ad, the Mazda Miata. » 7/14/12 11:00am 7/14/12 11:00am

2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata Drops The Smiley Derp Face

The latest iteration of Mazda's KODO design language lands on the refreshed MX-5 Miata, replacing its Derpy smiling face with something slightly more aggressive. This upgrade is only for Japan now, but we're hoping and expecting it'll arrive here for the MX-5's next model year. » 7/06/12 10:00am 7/06/12 10:00am

The Last Mazda Wankel Engine Has Been Built

Last Friday, June 22, 2012, the Wankel rotary engine's last remaining and steadfast devotee, Mazda, produced their final rotary engine in their Hiroshima plant. The Wankel engine never really fulfilled its promises and hopes, though over its history over 25 major automobile, motorcycle, tractor, and aircraft… » 6/26/12 4:00pm 6/26/12 4:00pm

The Next Mazda MX-5 Roadster Will Spawn An Alfa Romeo

How can an independent Mazda survive to zoom-zoom another day? Alliances. Like, say, loaning its robust roadster tech to the Italian brand that once defined the genre as "fun but flimsy"? Yes, Mazda's inked a deal that could see the next MX-5 become an Alfa Romeo spider, and we couldn't be happier. » 5/23/12 7:00am 5/23/12 7:00am

Subaru BRZ Vs. Toyota GT 86 Vs. Mazda Miata: Track Battle

Enthusiasts now have three (err... two, because one of them is pretty much the exact same as the other) inexpensive RWD handling-focused cars to race. Rather than enjoy this sudden bounty, many have taken to forums to explain why their particular choice is superior (don't even think of uttering the word "Scion" on a… » 4/30/12 12:00pm 4/30/12 12:00pm

It's Like A Cloud Of Furious Bees

Well, not actual bees, just the entomological wail of a race-prepped Mazda rotary, trapped inside a Mazda RX3 and racing through the 2010 Rally New York Autumn Rally Sprints. It is one of the loudest rally cars you'll ever hear. » 4/11/12 1:00pm 4/11/12 1:00pm

Vintage Mazda Commercial Is An Amusing Tale Of Love And Loss

Pickup trucks are usually the featured vehicles of hard luck tales put to music, but in this case of this vintage commercial it's a 1973 Mazda RX3 wagon. » 4/08/12 4:00pm 4/08/12 4:00pm

Mazda Rides The Wall Of Death

We've seen plenty of motorcycles take on India's Wall of Death, and even a lion riding in a sidecar do it. But we've never seen a modern car driving perpendicular to the ground until now. » 4/02/12 1:00pm 4/02/12 1:00pm

What Is The Cheapest Car You've Ever Bought?

Although a cheap car can certainly be amusing, buying a low dollar automobile is usually more of an act of necessity than choice. Whether they become the tales of automotive misery or a triumphant tale of a battered car that won't quit, it's often the cheapest cars that become the most memorable. » 3/24/12 5:00pm 3/24/12 5:00pm