Bye, Bye, Diesel: Mazda's United SportsCar Prototype Is Getting Gassy

We loved the Mazda6 Diesel race car that started off in Grand Am’s class for alternative fuels. It’s a diesel! So weird and quirky! Yeah! We even loved hearing that the diesel engine would live on in a United SportsCar P2 prototype. Unfortunately, that P2 has just been slow, so it’s time for a gas-powered engine swap.
» 6/19/15 8:00pm 6/19/15 8:00pm

The Mazda6 Diesel Is Coming To America

The show floor hasn't quite opened yet, but crack Jalopnik operatives have dressed in our special trash can costume (a trash can with feet holes) and got photos that prove that Mazda's new SKYACTIV-D diesel engine will, in fact, be an option for the Mazda 6. This was widely speculated, and now we have proof it's going… » 11/28/12 11:45am 11/28/12 11:45am