Mazda6 Coupe Rendered, Speculatively

Mazda has no known intentions to make a Mazda6 Coupe, but that didn't stop a forum fan-boy over at CarSpyShots » 10/14/08 2:15pm 10/14/08 2:15pm named Baji192 from rendering his own two-door interpretation of the . We've seen a before that looked a bit more professional than this P-chop job but we're still wondering who would actually buy a coupe…

Mazda6 Coupe Sketch An Old Mazda Drawing

Remember that Mazda6 Coupe sketch that popped up on the automotive interwebs today? We got it from The Hollywood Extra, a site that provides an interesting mix of shots that are made more interesting by the editor's complete unwillingness to attribute anything. As we guessed, it turns out this is an older Atenza… » 1/30/08 2:45pm 1/30/08 2:45pm

Mazda 6 Coupe Sketch Emerges, Confuses

Mr. Vince Burlapp and his The Hollywood Extra Car Page brings us another mystery. This time it is a completely random image of what looks to be a Mazda6/Atenza coupe sketch. Burlapp claims this is a sketch from Mazda, so we'll go with that for now. It would make sense to us to bring a Mazda6 coupe to the world as all… » 1/30/08 10:30am 1/30/08 10:30am