Chinese Customs Search Mazda Taiki Concept, Looking For 'Nam Grass?

On the way from Japan to Beijing for next weeks' auto show, the Mazda Taiki was stopped by Chinese customs at the border for what we're told was nothing more than a random customs check. We're not buying it. We're assuming it was really to have their dogs try to find any psychedelic drugs that may have been used to… »4/17/08 8:38am4/17/08 8:38am


Mazda Announces Beijing Motor Show Lineup Including Taiki Concept, Mazda6

Mazda has announced its duds for the Beijing Motor Show that will be taking place towards the latter half of April. To be unveiled at the show is the new revision of the Mazda6, which will be known as the Mazda Atenza in Japan. Also set to be shown off is the Taiki Concept, which looks like something even Batman… »3/26/08 3:30pm3/26/08 3:30pm