This is the range-topping Mazda MX-5 “Sport Recaro,” based on the 2.0 liter Sport Nav spec MX-5.

This is the range-topping Mazda MX-5 “Sport Recaro,” based on the 2.0 liter Sport Nav spec MX-5. It comes in Soul Red or Ceramic Metallic and gets black accents on the exterior and heated Recaro seats and red stitching on the interior. Mazda is making 600 and, for now, none are destined for the U.S. (via AutoGuide) »11/11/15 9:57pm11/11/15 9:57pm

Mazda Confirms Their Sports Car Concept Will Have A New Rotary Engine Called 'SkyActiv-R'

The Tokyo Motor Show kicks off this week and all eyes are on Mazda, anticipating the sports car concept they’ve been teasing with a shadowy image for weeks now. And guess what? Despite our (completely justified) initial skepticism, the car will indeed have a rotary engine after all. Holy crap. »10/27/15 9:49am10/27/15 9:49am

That Mysterious Mazda Sports Car Concept Might Just Have A Rotary Engine

Might. MIGHT. I’ve been burned before on this one, so I’m having a hard time believing it. But Australia’s Motoring, citing reports and the rendering you see above from a Japanese car magazine, claims the mysterious concept sports car Mazda will unveil at the Tokyo Motor Show could have a rotary engine after all. »10/16/15 9:27am10/16/15 9:27am

Dispatches from Hiroshima: lost in an NA Miata, at-speed in a LeMans-spec Lambo, up to my neck in Cosmos

It’s amazing where a bit of luck can land you. Over the last few days, I’ve found myself adrift without GPS on a sinuous bit of remote Japanese rural road, blitzing along in a Murcielago R-GT without ear protection, and the lone Westerner in a Mazda fan event numbering 1200 cars - and then Yojiro Terada broke out the… »9/24/15 1:11pm9/24/15 1:11pm

Ask Mazda Fun Engineer And Sport Compact Car Veteran Dave Coleman Anything You Want

Mazda’s been on something of a roll lately. They have some of the most consistently fun to drive cars in the entire industry, from the new 2016 Miata all the way up to their crossovers and sedans. You have Dave Coleman to thank for that, and now he’s here to answer all your questions for the next hour. »9/01/15 1:55pm9/01/15 1:55pm

Is This Bizarro World Rotary Powered Porsche 968 Awesome Or Terrible?

The Porsche 968 was the swan song for Porsche’s attempt at replacing the 911 with a font engined 2+2, and arguably the best looking of the 924/944/928/968 group. The elegant design is attributed to Dutch born Harm Lagaay who also designed the BMW Z1, Ford Scorpion/Sierra, Porsche 924, Boxster, Cayenne, 996, & Carrera… »7/25/15 9:22am7/25/15 9:22am

Mazda Design Director Leaves For Mysterious 'Stealth Project'

Derek Jenkins is Design Director at Mazda. He’s a designer whose work I respect a great deal, partially because he did VW’s amazing 2001 Microbus Concept when he worked there. But according to his LinkedIn profile, he’s just left that position to be Vice President of Design for “Stealth Project.” What’s going on here? »7/23/15 3:50pm7/23/15 3:50pm