Maybach 62S Landaulet: Buy It Now On EBay For Just $2.2 Million

Yes, the Maybach 62S Landaulet is obnoxiously luxurious. With that rollback canvas roof, it offers conspicuous consumption on a Citigroup-like level, but $2.2 million as a "Buy it now" eBay price is a bit steep. » 1/28/09 6:15pm 1/28/09 6:15pm

Maybach 62 Landaulet Goes Into Production Because We Said It Wouldn't

There's a great moment in All The President's Men (and repeated in the autobiography A Good Life) where Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee explains how he was the reason for J. Edgar Hoover not getting canned by LBJ: » 1/23/08 12:00pm 1/23/08 12:00pm

What does this have to do with the Maybach 62 Landaulet going into production? Everything.