Buyers Say "Meh" To High Gas Prices: Chrysler Group Sales Up 4% On Jeep, Truck And Minivan Sales

Apparently those gas prices didn't slow down the trail-rated badge at the Chrysler Group. They saw sales up 4.3% in May, boosted by strong demand for the Jeep brand, big incentives on the Dodge Ram pickup truck and the long-in-the-tooth minivans. That means the team from Auburn Hills sold 199,393 vehicles this past… »6/01/07 1:00pm6/01/07 1:00pm

Breaking! Dieter's Underpants Gnomes Strike Mercedes — Sales Up 17% For May

Looks like DaimlerChrysler Chairman and CEO Dieter Zetsche brought those profit-maximizing underpants gnomes with him when he moved from Auburn Hills to Stuttgart — sales at the Mercedes Car Group division were up 17% on the year in May. That's a record 112,700 vehicles sold out of the DC-luXe group comprised of… »6/07/06 12:04pm6/07/06 12:04pm

Breaking! VW Sales In US Are Up Like A Rocket — Still Won't Save German Factory Workers From Buyout

It's one of those news days for VW where they've got good news and bad news. The good news is that sales have rocketed upwards by 35.6% for the month of May. Yay! The bad news is that they've also decided to go the GM route and offer buyout packages to 85,000 German workers. Boo! And if you thought those buyout… »6/01/06 1:58pm6/01/06 1:58pm