Jalopnik On Sirius: Gaming Your Ride Today With Craig And Art Morrison

Ok, folks, Spinelli's back on the air with his main man from Maxim, Jon Wilde. The two of them will be live for the hour at 2:00 PM on Maxim Radio 108 and they'll be talking with Craig and Art Morrison. If you don't know who they are, you probably haven't been paying attention to what Bumbeck's been laying down. And… »2/22/07 1:38pm2/22/07 1:38pm

Mitsubishi Takes Blue Ribbon At the Brodeo: Maxim Calls Eclipse 'Best GT'

Frat brothers of the world, unite and take over your pals over at Maxim have elected the Mitsubishi Eclipse to the throne of "GT of the Year." Proving that the bro-hams over at Tha Max know jack shizznack about autos, this is the first time in four years that a Mitsu has made the list. Now we know that the Japanese… »10/13/05 12:53pm10/13/05 12:53pm