More on Maui's Junk-Car Clearing Problem

They're crushin' so many junk cars on Maui, they went 'n' done broke their baler! The baler, that handy-dandy device that packages spent vehicles into smart little cubes, gave up the ghost and the determined people of the island are having to use a steam shovel to smash the cars up. However, fear not ye Mauians beset… » 12/27/05 2:15pm 12/27/05 2:15pm

Maui Zowee: Hawaiian Island Takes on Junk Cars

Okay, so Bakersfield wasn't a surprise, but to us mainlanders who've never had a chance to visit the Islands Formerly Known as Sandwich, we're a bit shocked that Hawaii's got an apparently serious junk car problem. Having declared the island a "disaster area," alliteratively-named Governor Linda Lingle has authorized… » 8/05/05 12:43pm 8/05/05 12:43pm