South Park's Take On Tesla And Ride-Sharing Just Wasn't Funny Enough

Sacred cows make the best burgers, which made last night's South Park episode that much more tasty. The grilling includes Matthew McConaughey shilling for Lincoln, Elon Musk and his D, and ride-sharing as the future of personal transportation. With that much material, it's hard to understand how it all fell flat. »10/16/14 2:40pm10/16/14 2:40pm

Alright, Alright, Alright! Matthew McConaughey's Longhorn Bike on eBay

As a proud Texas Longhorn, we're wishing we could dig up the $25,000 minimum needed to buy this burnt orange beauty, or at least force the bidding upward. The bike was designed to commemorate the Texas Longhorn National Championship in 2005. It's icing-on-the-cake that it was owned by fellow proud Texas Ex Matthew… »11/07/07 11:30am11/07/07 11:30am