Power Wheels Is Making Tiny Porsches Again

There's some great news from Mattel for parents who like to live vicariously through their kids and long ago had to trade their sports car dreams for a practical, spacious minivan. It's been almost a quarter century since Power Wheels offered a Porsche option, but come October kids aged three and older will be able to… » 2/25/15 9:20am 2/25/15 9:20am

Oops! A Phone Number on a Toy Truck Turned Out to Be a Sex Line

A Grandma gifted a Mattel Matchbox toy truck to her 3-year-old grandson because like most 3-year-old boys, he loved playing with trucks. Unbeknownst to both of them though, the phone number painted on the truck directed to a sex line. » 8/09/11 5:45pm 8/09/11 5:45pm

Fiat 500 Barbie Edition: Celebrating 50 Years Of Shallowness With Jewels

Barbie turns 50 this year. Fiat is celebrating this anniversary with the special Fiat 500 Barbie Edition, a bejeweled and pink hatch. » 3/09/09 4:30pm 3/09/09 4:30pm

Mattel To Make Pink Sparkly Matchbox Cars For Future Soccer Moms

What this country needs is more girls who grow up wrenching on beater hoonmobiles, girls who see the Radiator Hoes as their role models. Mattel feels that it's kinda OK for little girls to play with toy cars, as long as they're, you know, all girly about it. Thus, a new line of toys is born: Polly Wheels! Essentially… » 3/01/07 5:24pm 3/01/07 5:24pm

Goddamn Matchbox, Just Because

We're having one of those melancholic evenings that seem endemic to self-styled pundits who give a care about the latest camshaft developments for the LS7, but could in reality offer up less than a literary a toss regarding any sort of technnincal penning, unless of course, they've got reason to be prefaced with the… » 10/13/06 12:00am 10/13/06 12:00am