Show Us The Most Insane French Cars Ever Built

The French might be struggling a bit with getting their mojo back at the moment, but let's not forget that we would be nowhere without French cars. They not only invented the internal combustion engine (and then put it in a boat), but were also the pioneers of motor sports, and the creators of the Renault-Matra… » 12/20/12 3:20pm 12/20/12 3:20pm

The Coupéspace Is The Car Which Became the Renault Avantime

It was 13 years ago, at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, that Renault unveiled its Coupéspace concept, the didactic branding hinting at its origins: an Espace minivan turned into a coupé. This is the car which became the Renault Avantime, which was so avant of its time that the market demanded a total of 8,557 cars before… » 5/17/12 1:30pm 5/17/12 1:30pm

Project Car Hell, Debacle Edition: Matra Murena or Alpine A310?

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! I really wanted to call today's matchup Édition Débâcle, but the heads of our beloved Server Hamsters tend to explode when they're forced to deal with weird furrin letters in our headlines,… » 7/21/08 5:20pm 7/21/08 5:20pm

Project Car Hell: Silver Shadow or Bagheera?

As I'm sure you all know, Friday's Choose Your Eternity poll was the most one-sided yet, with the Quadra-Opel option absolutely vaporizing the Bi-Fiat choice. It would be interesting to see how a single Opel GT would fare against its Fiat 600 counterpart in a head-to-head matchup... but that will have to wait for… » 8/06/07 5:30pm 8/06/07 5:30pm

200-Proof French Automotive Madness: Matra Bagheera

What do you get when you put a bunch of Simca running gear in a mid-engine chassis with crypto-Italian-looking bodywork? Oh yeah, and give it three front seats? The mighty Matra Bagheera! Sure, it wasn't so fast, but the French carbuying public dug it, and the car was produced from 1973 through 1980. Thanks to the… » 8/03/07 6:00pm 8/03/07 6:00pm