Bears Do Shit in the Woods, Corvettes Do Flip

We reloaded this clip a couple of times just to make sure the lead-in ad was static. As Milan Kundera once wrote, "Man can be held responsible for his actions, but only the Maker can be held responsible for shit." Meanwhile, some guy flipped his 'Vette while pulling out of his driveway. "Man can be held responsible… » 8/29/06 5:00pm 8/29/06 5:00pm

They Chahd My Cah in Hahvahd Yahd: Ivy League Parking Garage Goes Up in…

Dear Thnderblt: We are sorry about this headline. Nevertheless, we couldn't resist. We found it, although juvenile, to be a momentary wicked pissah of a hed. Anyway, there was a fire in a garage at the Soldier's Field parking garage at Harvard Bidness Skool that left about fifteen cars in various states of smoked… » 7/12/06 12:26am 7/12/06 12:26am

The Ice of Boston: Beantown Tows Record Number of Cars During Storm

While we're sitting here on the Left Coast basking in warm, sunny days (a dramatic difference from the storms of a year ago which is a bigger problem than one might think because Angelenos have no clue how to drive in the rain), the kids back East got hit with some stormage, and the City of Boston, determined to keep… » 2/14/06 11:05am 2/14/06 11:05am