Maserati Kubang SUV is imported from Detroit

Turns out Europe's Photoshopping prognosticators didn't need to create a mockup of the upcoming Maserati SUV concept — the brand's first ever — from scratch. They could have simply dusted off an old Giugiaro design. Because that's what Maserati did — even giving it the same name of that 2003 SUV concept — the Kubang. » 9/13/11 11:00am 9/13/11 11:00am

The Maserati SUV is sacrilegious and Bob Lutz has a gas problem

Some of the best conversations in the automotive world are had via IM and never seen by the public, depriving you of honest and unedited opinions. Screw that. It's time we include you in the conversation. » 9/12/11 2:30pm 9/12/11 2:30pm

This new Maserati SUV looks 'shopped, I can tell

The Intertubes have been abuzz with photos of what appear to be the new Maserati sport utility vehicle set to be unveiled in Frankfurt. Yet its probably an unofficial render, and not just because of a few pixels and all the 'shops I've seen in my day. » 9/09/11 1:30pm 9/09/11 1:30pm

Maserati Kuba: Why We Don't Want A Maserati SUV

Maserati doesn't make an SUV, but we think Andrey Trofimchuk's "vision" of the first Maserati SUV is both technically proficient and captures the spirit of what one could be. It's also why we don't want Maserati ever making an SUV. » 10/26/09 1:00pm 10/26/09 1:00pm