First We'll Tow Your Car, Then We'll Torch It

Talk about the crappy things that happen while you're sitting around sipping Ovaltine spiked with Ancient Age and contemplating the probability of the release of season one of "Small Wonder" on DVD: A DC-area county impound lot went up in a flamin' ball of inferno-esque fiery-fire yesterday. 37 towed cars were… » 12/16/05 5:17pm 12/16/05 5:17pm

Senior Driver Launches Car, Lands in Tree

Proving that the 70s are the new 50s, a daredevil 74-year old DC-area woman launched her car off the Clara Barton Expressway in Bethesda and landed it in a tree. It took authorities roughly an hour to rescue Teresa Finney, who was shaken but in good shape after the accident and was taken to the hospital only as a… » 12/01/05 5:14pm 12/01/05 5:14pm

Law Breaking the Law: License Plate Covers on DC Area Cop Cars

In Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, license plate covers are illegal. In the District and MD, nothing can be covering the tag, while in Virginia, nothing tinted can cover the plate. So why do some area police cruisers and officers' personal vehicles sport plate covers? We're guessing for the same… » 11/08/05 6:36pm 11/08/05 6:36pm