HR Manager Burned To Death In An Insane Riot At An Indian Car Factory

A huge mob rampaged through Maruti Suzuki's Northern Indian factory on Wednesday leaving behind damaged equipment, injured workers, and a human resources manager burned to death in the melee. » 7/19/12 1:40pm 7/19/12 1:40pm

India's Spiderman does whatever an American Spiderman won't

Aside from wearing more traditional costumes, India's version of Spiderman hews pretty closely to the American original. Here's Indian's Superman riding the back bumper of a van through highway traffic. » 2/16/11 1:30pm 2/16/11 1:30pm

Indian flying car channels "Back to the Future"

One Indian man has turned a Suzuki Maruti 800 into a flying vehicle that he claims can vertically lift itself and soar over traffic. The only issue? Its flying ability has not yet been tested. » 2/13/11 11:00am 2/13/11 11:00am

Suzuki Maruti Alto To Debut In Paris, Take On Europe

The first images of the new Suzuki Maruti Alto have surfaced ahead of its planned debut at the Paris Motor Show later this year. It's a good a place as any for a reveal as we're also told it will be joining the chorus of pocket-sized cars skittering about on European streets. The Alto is already a staple of most of… » 8/07/08 10:40am 8/07/08 10:40am

More Blazing Showrooms!

Apparently, copycatting travels fast in the would-be arsonist world. Just a day after we reported to you on a Florida man who needs to be solidly caned for the death of a Gulf-scheme Ford GT, comes news from India about a 20-year-old security guard who was caught napping and summarily smacked across the face. Instead… » 2/07/06 10:09am 2/07/06 10:09am