Think the Domestics Suck? Your Numbers Are Down

Domestic carmakers continue to fight a negative-perception battle born during the Great Malaise. That was a time when shiny new Pintos dropped their engines on the New Jersey Turnpike, when five variations of the Chevy Nova fought an inter-brand battle for the title of alpha shitbox, and when executives were too busy… » 9/18/07 3:32pm 9/18/07 3:32pm

Polk It To Ya, Detroit! Foreign Automakers Receive 53% Of Non-Fleet Auto Sales Through May

Industry number-crunchers RL Polk released the latest vehicle registration data on year-to-date new cars excluding fleet sales, and it's not a good number if you're an automaker from Metro Detroit. Through the month of May, 52.9% of new vehicles registered by purchasers were import brands, up from 49% a year earlier.… » 7/24/06 10:21am 7/24/06 10:21am

Get a Room, You Two: Cadillac Battles Lexus Atop Satisfaction Survey Results

Despite a truly amazing result buried in the press release for AutoPacific's latest customer-satisfaction survey — that the Hyundai Azera unexpectedly nailed top-car honors — the battle between GM and Toyota still pulled top billing. The Detroit-based consultancy found that among buyers of new luxury cars, Cadillac… » 5/31/06 1:27pm 5/31/06 1:27pm

First-Time Car Buyers to Traditional Media: Drop Dead

It's what we've known for years: The kids totally dig the online. A recent study by those people-watchers over at The Polk Center for Automotive Studies found very few first-time car buyers use traditional media when shopping for a car. Instead, the greatest percentage consider the interweb their most important… » 1/31/06 7:35am 1/31/06 7:35am

You Are There: Inside a Ford Edge Focus Group

Automakers spend millions on qualitative market research, but few outside the industry really know what goes on inside one of their secretive new-model focus groups (sorry, automotive review sessions). Only those who've made it past the byzantine approval process know for sure. According to one reader, stories of… » 12/19/05 8:30am 12/19/05 8:30am