PCH, Superpower Rematch Edition: Jaguar Mark VII or Citroen DS?

The V12 Jagchero vaporized the Electric Renault R10 in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity voting, but the lopsidedness of the matchup had some supporters of liberty, equality, and eternal torment crying foul. It's bad enough that the British entry was packing a V12 versus the French car's electric motor, but to make a… »4/09/08 5:15pm4/09/08 5:15pm


PCH, Maximum Cartruck Edition: Dragamino or Mark VIIchero?

As most of you know by now, the Shorty Chopped Corvair was judged to be cooler/more hellish than the T-Bird-esque Auto Union 1000SP by the voters in Friday's Choose Your Eternity poll. With all the G8amino excitement today, we're going to turn away from two-strokers and groovy customs and get straight to some… »3/17/08 5:15pm3/17/08 5:15pm