This one hit the Mark - Iacocca's Most Profitable Product

Walking around Old Town Alexandria just outside Washington DC, I happened upon this beautiful 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III. I remember the old Mark series of Lincoln automobiles when I was a kid, they were swank. Seriously swank. Big, bold, bedecked with fake wood and vinyl, but definitely a status symbol for… »7/21/13 4:08pm7/21/13 4:08pm

1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III, Plus Bonus Lincoln Poll

Great big Detroit luxury machines, with two huge doors that swing out about 10 feet to the side when opened and a crude pushrod V8 with way more than 400 cubes under the hood. Aside from the low-single-digit gas mileage, what's not to love? The Lincolns of the 60s and 70s never quite sold like their Cadillac… »7/10/08 9:00am7/10/08 9:00am