Man's $15,000 Aston Martin Turns Up At Auction For $1.5 Million

Welcome to Must Read, where we single out the best stories from around the automotive universe and beyond. Today we've got reports from Hemmings, The Kansas City Star, Business Insider, and The Wall Street Journal. » 4/30/13 5:10pm 4/30/13 5:10pm

Even At 73 Years Old, Mario Andretti Is Way Cooler Than You

If you ask someone who doesn't like motorsports to name a racing driver, there is a good chance they'll only know a few names. One of those names will almost definitely be Mario Andretti, arguably America's greatest ever racer. And today is Mario's 73rd birthday. Here is what makes him far cooler than any of you… » 2/28/13 12:13pm 2/28/13 12:13pm

Watch Mario Andretti Lap The Austin F1 Track In A Lotus 79

The Circuit of the Americas in Austin looks pretty great with its red, white and blue run-off strips and its big first corner hill, but it looks extra awesome with Mario Andretti at the wheel. » 10/25/12 4:00pm 10/25/12 4:00pm

Celebrities, Exotic Cars And A Whole Lotta Noise: Opening Day At…

There were two events of note in Elroy, Texas on Sunday afternoon: the FM 812 Outdoor Flea Market, and the opening day and ribbon cutting ceremony at the Circuit of the Americas race track where Formula One will be held in just a few weeks. » 10/21/12 6:15pm 10/21/12 6:15pm

Mario Andretti And Your Other Favorite Race Car Drivers Tell You What…

So yesterday, we had a bit of a tiff over manual and automatic transmissions. It resulted in a lot of tears, a lot of death threats, and a lot of nervous laughing. » 10/18/12 1:30pm 10/18/12 1:30pm

Longtime Indianapolis 500 announcer Tom Carnegie dies at 91

For over 60 years, Tom Carnegie was the voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Seen here giving a post race interview, it was Carnegie's booming voice that announced every Indianapolis 500 race from 1946-2006. » 2/12/11 9:00am 2/12/11 9:00am

Brabham BT46B Fan Car: Making Lemonade From Lemons

The BT46B—also known as the Fan Car—was a cunning Gordon Murray racer, designed to one-up the dominant Lotus 79 in the 1978 Formula One season. » 1/07/10 1:30pm 1/07/10 1:30pm

Delivery Driver Wrecks Mario Andretti's Rare Lamborghini Countach

According to a post on ToyotaNation, a Lamborghini dealership employee allegedly got into a street race with a Viper GTS while delivering an ultra-rare Lamborghini Countach once owned by Mario Andretti. Guess what happened next? » 5/01/09 1:30pm 5/01/09 1:30pm

Clarification: Andretti PR Flim-Flam

Last week we recounted one Jalopniker's experience on a PR event featuring the legend and racing-family patriarch Mario Andretti. While the events were conveyed as experienced, we inadvertently assigned responsibility for the over-promised agenda to Mr. Andretti's racing school. Lest it seem we were throwing Sir Mario… » 11/05/07 1:30pm 11/05/07 1:30pm

Mario Andretti and a PR Flim-Flam at Las Vegas Speedway

For weeks since we received the invitation, we'd been looking forward to riding along on a few hot laps with Mario Andretti at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was part of a promotion for the Mario Andretti racing school, coinciding with this year's SEMA show. Unfortunately, like a comped buffet, it wasn't all it was… » 11/02/07 12:15pm 11/02/07 12:15pm

We've Got a New Commendatore: Andretti to Receive Honor

As much respect as we have for Mario Andretti, he'll always be "Mario" and not "Il Commendatore." Enzo owns the recognition from the Italian government. Nevertheless, they're still handing out Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana-ships, and the 66-year-old auto-racing legend is up for one, to be presented by… » 10/18/06 4:00pm 10/18/06 4:00pm

Now One Without the Sunglasses: Mario Andretti at the 2006 Bullrun…

Racing legend, Mario "if you feel like you've got everything under control, you're not going fast enough" Andretti captured the attention of all the Very Important Media personnel swarming the kickoff this morning of the 2006 Bullrun in New York's Times Square. Since we're using official Fisher Price video equipment,… » 7/22/06 11:27pm 7/22/06 11:27pm

Bullrun Madness!

So, as the kids in the cross-country, rich-people-rallying community (and those who obsessively follow such things) know, the Bullrun kicks off tomorrow in Spinelli's backyard. What only a few kids know, is that if all goes according to plan, Davey G. will be an embedded reporter with the crew of Kevin Ward's… » 7/21/06 8:00pm 7/21/06 8:00pm

Andretti Makes the Bullrun!

Apparently compensating for the fact that his one-time on-track rival Dan Gurney once set a transcontinental record on public roads, Mario Andretti has signed up for the Bullrun. His weapon of choice? The Audi RS4, the sound of which was once described by Bumbeck as "Insane. It was like it had four Isky Superleggera… » 7/05/06 11:30pm 7/05/06 11:30pm